@DanaIM5: He looks possessed!! He’s obsessed with twitter o.O

please just fall for me already

Also I went to Starbucks before the movie and the clerk was giving me my change and was like
"I’m also gonna give you this, because you seem like the kind of person with a sense of humor, and if I gave this to anyone else they’d prolly march back in here and claim some kind of sexual harrassment"
And handed me a “boner” dollar, and we giggled like we were 12 because if you can’t laugh at boners then idek what to say to you mang
So here’s to you, Starbucks clerk, who was coming down from an expresso high and ready to get the hell outta work; thanks for makin my day boner-tastic

my friend is babysitting my hamster


“Steve Carell, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: How men would look if they had to pose in ads the way women are expected to.”

steve carell no why omg i cant stop laguhgin
Dana is so danalicious i cant even